Online Courses is a great website which provides many courses online for free. These are full fledged courses, generally, provided by professors or professionals in those fields.

The learning tool itself is very clean. It follows a class like structure where you have videos with a theory lesson from instructor followed by a quiz somewhere in that video and an assignment for that week’s lessons.

Learning Photoshop

So, finally found a tutorial which is easy to follow for learning Photoshop. I have been trying for some time to larn it but kept getting confusing after a while. This new site has around 32 You Tube tutorials of up to 4 hours of learning. It claims to get you completely up to speed at the end. I have been through 2 tutorials and so far so good. Lets see how it goes after. Hope it doesn’t get boring.

For anyone interested, tutorials are at Photoshop Crash Course.