My name is Jaswinder Singh Rattanpal. I started out as a web developer and have gone through various roles like gatekeeping, build management, software architecture and technical support.

My employment journey started with INSATAX. Here I worked on managing website and later on redesigning it. After INSATAX, I worked on few work study programs with Mohawk College. After finishing Software Engineering with Mohawk College, I started on Network Engineering. That course has helped me a lot throughout my web development career. I’d say networking knowledge for programmers (especially web developers) should be mandatory, but I digress.

During my network engineering program, I started working at Research In Motion, Limited (now BlackBerry). I worked my way through web developer on various projects and ended up working as gatekeeper responsible for test build system, scripts for integration, improvidng build system to save time and cost.

From there, I went on to join Cossette Communications as web developer. It was an interesting experience working at an advertisment agency; quite fun. 

Currently, I am working at salesforce.com. I work as technical developer support where we help developers troubleshoot their issues with Apex, Visualforce, SOAP/Rest/Bulk/Metadata APIs, Batch Apex, Deployments etc. This position has been an eye openeing one. The sheer number of transactions per day, the complete architecture to handle that, security, up time etc.

There is so much I learn every day that I feel I should be sharing it with everyone Of course the information I share is already public but will be writing about topics like certain way to write a trigger, sample code to help developers, methods to debug few issues etc . Now to get the disclaimer out of the way, this site is NOT affiliated with salesforce.com in any way, shape or form. This is my personal site although the comments are made by anonymous users so I am not responsible for those either.

Well, enough said. Let’s get this journey started………