Salesforce Trailhead: The fun way to learn salesforce

Are you new to salesforce? Or maybe you have only worked on one area and want to learn about another?

I started on developer side of salesforce. Recently, I figured that if I know about others areas (admin, App Cloud etc) then it will make it so much easier to work on developer side. But I had the same questions as above. Where do I start?

Then I found salesforce trailhead and absolutely love it. It’s not just the content but the way it has been arranged. It took me from beginner admin to intermediate admin and other areas. After I had been through those modules, I wanted to put it all together but couldn’t figure out what I could build.

Lo and behold, trailhead has projects. These are simple enough but still allow me to combine various features that I learned.

My goal now? Go through ALL modules and projects on trailhead to get, at least, basic understanding of all salesforce features. Let the journey start……..

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